There’s been enough said and written about our instant-gratification lifestyles and how they drive our economy. And, like many people, there are times I prefer things to be done yesterday, if not sooner. Even in those ancient days of B.C. [before computer], I was living on deadline-driven media standard time.

But the last few months have taught me to practice what I’ve been preaching in recent years about patience and timing.

A few months ago, I was thrilled with the successful launch of my new book. We had distribution in select Irish bookstores and interest from others. Then we had another Covid lockdown, followed by another one that should be ending sometime. One of these days. Or weeks. Or months. Maybe. I think.

In a PC culture [That’s Pre-Covid – or should I stay with BC and call it Before Covid?], a few days used to feel like forever. And a few months? Well that’s what it took, but now I can tell you that your local bookstore can order It’s your day, make it your Tao for you – and might even want to stock additional copies for others to enjoy. We’ll get to those details in a bit.

I learned early-on that bookselling forced me back to starting in the mailroom – and that I really don’t want to deal with inventory, packing, shipping, duties and tax collection. That’s what retailers do every day and I’m very thankful for their skill. They deserve every penny of their meagre profits. I also learned to tell people that no matter how much I’d love for them to have a copy of the book in their hands, trans-Atlantic shipping would cost more than the book, so it would be best to wait for me to get my act together. Which, in this case at least, I may be just about there.

So here’s a reminder of what the book’s all about – and how you can get a copy for yourself.

Sharing a store window with Jack Kornfield last fall.

It’s Your Day, Make It Your Tao is for people who aren’t interested in reading long books to improve their lives. It’s full of one, two and three-page chapters that give you things to think about, rather than actually do. Along the way you’ll find out how Peking became Beijing, the joys of political anonymity, and how procrastination can be good for you. One of the book’s themes is “My Tao may not be your Tao,” where I encourage readers to disagree with me and do even less, which might improve their lives even more. You’ll discover that non-action may not mean what you think it means.

If you want to apply the lessons you’ll find in most versions of the Tao Te Ching, first you’ll have to find them. You’ll need to hop, skip and jump through 81 verses of translated poetry and understand satirical references to 2500-year-old Chinese culture. Or you can read my book. While it’s based on the Tao, it’s organized by theme, not verse number – and written in plain English for today’s world. Looking for a preview? Wander through the book’s website,

And if you’d like to pick up a copy at your local bookstore, they can order it from New Leaf Distributing [ ]. New Leaf deals with metaphysical and New Age shops all over the world, as well as general-interest booksellers. They only deal with the trade, not individual consumers, so you’ll need to contact your local bookseller.

Your bookseller can contact them to order the book. And if the store wants to set up a Zoom meeting where I can talk with you and others about it, I’m up for that, as well. Just let me know.

It’s your day, make it your Tao

ISBN 978-1-7365679-0-6



*Hourglass photo courtesy of Aronvisuals.