Slowly ripping off the dressing – and hair, skin and scab, too.

That’s what it felt like. I’d put it off. Procrastinated. Made excuses. Denied it would hurt. But it did. And it still does. Saying goodbye aint easy. I’ve known for years I’d eventually do it. In… Read More


Thank you – several million times – to all of you who’ve been following this blog for the past few years. If you also see it on social media, you’ve probably already seen some of its… Read More

My year of living carless

Imagine if you will… It’s winter in Colorado. The wind’s howling and the snow’s blowing. You’re in a car with me, just a few cars behind a convoy of snow plows. They were three abreast, followed… Read More

Remembering Dublin City in the Old Times

In a galaxy long ago but not so far away, before the euro replaced the punt, the EU begat the Celtic Tiger and the Tiger morphed into a financial litter box, I was dead broke in… Read More

Is technology’s edge dulling us?

Technology’s a two-edged sword. Remember back when you’d see someone fall or suffer a painful accident? You’d feel for them, maybe even help them. That was real life. Now life’s virtual – online and divorced from… Read More

Technology and its Discontents

There’s a new book out called Funny Business, where Karl Toomey recounts his experiences telling jokes to the people and bots of corporate “help” sites. The concept’s been around for a while, where people recount their… Read More

Brain-drained & exhausted by everything? Here’s what I’m doing –

Our times – and lives – have changed. Irrevocably. I used to look forward to my morning coffee, scanning FB to catch up with my friends from around the world. For the most part, we’re a… Read More

Honor the past, but leave it there. It’s time to live in the present.

Have you heard the story about the stockbroker and his slow speedboat? It seems he’d spent several people’s fortunes on a boat that would make drug runners drool. But no matter what he did or how… Read More

Has modern times’ clutter killed our attention span?

When we’ve trained ourselves to simply scan the ever-present screens surrounding us, is it possible to see and absorb anything of value? Does our electronic society have terminal ADHD? Think you ignore pop-ups? Click through an… Read More

How do you fight fires set by firemen?

I was at a symphony performance a few nights ago and about halfway into one of the pieces I noticed string section members looking to each other with questioning glances. Then I saw the conductor look… Read More