Are we better than our garbage and rubbish men?

Or are we just performing a different but equally valuable role in our society? (At least we should hope that our role contributes as much as the sanitation workers’.) Disagree with me? Then you’ve never lived… Read More

Passion is more than a good-tasting fruit

Sitting in a pub one night. I could feel the musicians’ joy. The nods, smiles and twinkles in their eyes as they seamlessly rolled from one melody or song to another. A few people came in,… Read More

Living life is like owning a boat

There’s always some basic maintenance that needs doing. Boats get dinged, spring leaks and need repair. So do people. Unless we live our lives in drydock. I don’t know many people who enjoy scraping paint, trimming… Read More

Tis the season for real people, not corporate people

I’ve heard it with an American accent in Cape Town. With a British accent in Cork: Walking down a street and behind me, a woman says – somewhat excitedly – to her companion, “Look, there’s a… Read More

Lighttime, meet nighttime

Last summer I loved walking home in the daylight after 10:00 p.m. I’ll admit that on the nights when I forgot to close the blackout shade my 5:00 a.m. sun-in-the-eyes wakeup left me more groggy than… Read More

The Road to Hell Is Paved. Period.

Don’t take the high road. Or the low road, either. They were built by others, for their own reasons. What if…we found own way. We don’t have to agree with everyone we meet along the way,… Read More

Consequences – Intended or Otherwise

I haven’t been in Ireland long enough to make a total fool of myself talking about local issues. The other day I started a piece about unintended consequences and let it evolve into a view of… Read More

How do you draw the sound of snow?

It stops falling with little taps before it melts on parts of my coat. Just sits and collects on other parts. Simply touches and sits on branches around me. Becomes one with unfrozen stream water. Bundled… Read More

Lost my passport – and had a great day!

I lost my passport.   (Insert long string of appropriate words here. They follow the Macarena-like search of every pocket on your body and in your bag, while you’re in an elbow-to-elbow-crowded launch crossing a lake, about… Read More