Angry Voters – grown older, not up.

Remember the kids in the back of your teenage classroom? Not bad, just not engaged. Before Zen and yoga became trendy they were pioneers in living in the here and now. History? Homework? How will they… Read More

Cocoons have burst. And it aint butterflies taking flight.

From here, they look a lot more like wasps and hornets. Years ago, marketers used the term “cocooning” to describe how technology and increased societal pressure would push people into safe cocoons of home & hearth,… Read More

Which tribe gives you power?

We’re all tribal, usually multi-tribal. Each of our tribes satisfies a need – for security, for personal warmth, for a sense of being part of something greater than ourselves. For some of us, our primary tribe… Read More

Too tired to care? Here’s one reason why.

As many of you know, I’ve spent the better part of the past few years away from the US. The experience has given me perspective – and a desire to keep staying away. One example: media… Read More

America’s Big D – for education

No, big D isn’t that place in Texas. It’s that Dogma state of mind. When someone firmly believes their direction comes from a higher source, no amount of logic or reasoning can ever sway their direction…. Read More

The Road to Hell Is Paved. Period.

Don’t take the high road. Or the low road, either. They were built by others, for their own reasons. What if…we found own way. We don’t have to agree with everyone we meet along the way,… Read More

What kind of life refuses to live? Is virtual life life?

Way back in the pre-automobile agricultural era, it was rare for people to travel very far from home. While I can’t speak to their interests, I can understand the limiting effects of available transport and employment… Read More

Are fear-mongers the only thing we have to fear?

Adrenaline feels good. At a minimum, it’s the result of a [hopefully good] cup of coffee. Or bungee-jumping, skydiving or crossing a too-busy street. Or simply sharing good times with friends, family or fans, be it… Read More

Fear stays home, watches TV. And becomes more scared.

Millions of Americans travel the world without ever leaving home. They fly to self-contained resorts, stay in chain hotels and eat at American chain restaurants. Others enjoy the pampering of cruise ships and the cookie-cutter shopping… Read More

In the Old West, the law said “Don’t take your guns to town.” What’s more important in America: facts or good stories?

History is no longer written. It’s shouted and broadcast. Why go out in public when you can see “reality” in the comfort of your living room? A shooting on a program? No problem. It’s “only” a… Read More