If you believe the headlines…

There’s a healthcare crisis in Ireland. The good news is that the bad news – about hospitals, housing, the economy and more – is all over the media. The bad news is that it appears that… Read More

Remembering the “good old days” of American healthcare

I remember Fran. And if you lived in eastern North Carolina in September 1996, you probably remember her, too. Along with hundreds of thousands of others, I spent the next week or so waiting for electric… Read More


When was the last time you had the head cold from Hell?

I caught mine on a bus ride in New Zealand. The couple behind me hacked, coughed and spewed spray and germs over me for five continuous hours. Well not quite continuously. At our two rest stops… Read More

If you’re alive, your prognosis is terminal.

Not all of the people who’ve helped me stay healthy over the years have worked in the straightjacket of billing code American healthcare. In spite of the long hours/little sleep brainwashing regimen that’s inflicted on them… Read More

Healthcare Between the Lines

Are we so busy recording what others say that we’ve lost the ability to listen, hear and respond? Conversation is music. And half of all music is written between the lines. What’s not said – and… Read More