I’m going into mourning, then I’ll celebrate

The other day I scheduled a flight to the US. I know I’ll only be there for a short time. I know I’ll be back in Ireland soon. But I really don’t want to go. There’s… Read More

We didn’t buy the farm, we just lived on it with great neighbors

To get there at the end of a work day, I had to go over the river, up a long hill and then down a long rutted dirt road that wasn’t particularly friendly to my car,… Read More

Dandelion wine, boa constrictors and other friends

There was a time many many years ago when I was living in upstate New York. I was going through a divorce, working a job from hell and generally having a miserable time in my life…. Read More

Twenty years in one place–Part 2

The other day I talked about Marvin, my back yard neighbor. Today’s neighbor is Harry. I first met him when I bought a single-family rental around the corner, across the street from Harry. We became nodding… Read More

Me, spending twenty years in one place?

Believe it or not, I lived in the same neighborhood for over 20 years. While I had different houses that I rehabbed before moving on, they were all within a few blocks of each other. Two… Read More

Thank you!

This Saturday marks the second anniversary of selling my Raleigh home. No matter where I’ve lived over the past twenty years, it was always my “real” home. Thanks to Tom Dawson for finding it so many… Read More

Sullivan in exile

I remember old Mr. Sullivan, walking down a former country road with his ancient dog and a bottle sticking out of the brown bag in his overcoat pocket. Rain or shine. Winter or summer. Same heavy… Read More

Home: refuge or prison?

At the time, I was young and saw, but didn’t really feel, the tragedy. Today, I see a tragic pattern, understand and feel too well why my neighbor left us. Envision, if you will, a young… Read More

Home was a basement and a city’s sun

Mrs. B loved her sun – we’d squint and find somewhere else to go as the hot western sunset aimed down the narrow alley into our eyes. She’d come out from her basement kitchen to absorb… Read More