Forget family trees. I was rooting in family fields.

I’ve never really been into genealogy and have a confirmation bias that means I tend to agree with articles that point out all the flaws in today’s DNA testing fads. [And I really don’t care about… Read More

You can’t eat the scenery

Youghal, County Cork – I spent a week here the other day. For me, it’s one of those places where you go to be, rather than to do. I’m not sure how good this is for… Read More

I wanted to spend money, but there was nothing worth buying

It took me nearly two hours to go to another city. Add another two-plus hours exploring displays and listening to lectures. Then came the moment, one I’d anticipated with some joy. I wanted to buy another… Read More

My year of living carless

Imagine if you will… It’s winter in Colorado. The wind’s howling and the snow’s blowing. You’re in a car with me, just a few cars behind a convoy of snow plows. They were three abreast, followed… Read More

Remembering Dublin City in the Old Times

In a galaxy long ago but not so far away, before the euro replaced the punt, the EU begat the Celtic Tiger and the Tiger morphed into a financial litter box, I was dead broke in… Read More

Pub Crawling & Other Pastimes

Got an invitation a while back for a 12 Pubs of Christmas Crawl. While I appreciated the thought, my mind instantly started calculating the locations of a dozen locally-owned coffee shops that I’d prefer, along with… Read More

“Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living!”

Every summer Cork honours native daughter and American labor leader Mary Harris, known to most of the world as the hell-raising Mother Jones. I get to the workshops, lectures and films whenever I can. For me,… Read More

Learning the language

No, it’s not learning to speak Irish, a language many locals don’t speak either. But it would be nice if I learned its pronunciation rules, so I could speak some of the written words whose meanings… Read More

Too big? You’ve failed.

I’ve lost track of the people who’ve asked me, “How big is Cork?” While I realize they’re just being polite, and maybe even interested, about my life, I really don’t know – or care – how… Read More

Goldilocks and the Irish bankers

For years I’ve been coming to Ireland on a cash basis – changing dollars to punts or euros. Now that I’m here for good, I thought it would be nice to have a local bank account…. Read More