If you believe the headlines…

There’s a healthcare crisis in Ireland. The good news is that the bad news – about hospitals, housing, the economy and more – is all over the media. The bad news is that it appears that… Read More

Living on Ireland Time

You got it right – that’s Ireland Time, not Island Time, even though we’ve got palm trees, beautiful beaches and rumours of occasional sun. I used to work on Advertising Standard Time: Everything has a deadline… Read More

My Circle Game, redux

I just completed my census form. It gave me nice feelings of inclusion and completion. I like where I am, at the end of another cycle of life’s merry-go-round, beginning another lap. I’m home. My address… Read More

All My World’s a Stage

The other day was the first warm, sunny Saturday in forever. Smiles were out. Sidewalks and parks were full. I’d already planned on going to a two-woman show, Will’s Women. Even though it was indoors, I… Read More

If you love the smell of latex in the morning…

And fresh grout, too. You’ll recognize what I inhaled when I first climbed the 39 steps to my new place in Cork. [Insert your own joke here. There really are 39 steps. I’ve counted every one… Read More

Coming home

We all have childhood memories, some good, some bad, some we never knew we had until something triggers them years later. At five, I was the kindergartener walking from school with my grandfather, to the local… Read More

Choose your facts. Carefully

HEADLINE: Kerry County Council (in Ireland) passes resolution allowing rural drinkers to drive home drunk. REALITY: Politics 101 is hard at work. Alcoholism and rural depression may not be Ireland’s only problems, but they’re the ones… Read More

Sullivan in exile

I remember old Mr. Sullivan, walking down a former country road with his ancient dog and a bottle sticking out of the brown bag in his overcoat pocket. Rain or shine. Winter or summer. Same heavy… Read More