Is Bigger Better?

Bigger is better. We’ve heard it over and over, ad nauseum. It’s a child’s perspective. We learned it as kids, when everyone who knew more than us, everyone who had more power than us, everyone who… Read More

Like Trump or not, he’s an American tradition

First, an unrelated story: I wrote this piece a few weeks ago. I thought it was strange that I was getting responses from other places where I post, but none directly from the blogsite or from… Read More

Have we become a society of amateurs?

People buy their own shoes without any real idea of sizing. They “don’t need” a trained salesperson. Then complain when their feet hurt. More and more people search for the cheapest price. Then complain when they… Read More

“The rich are different from you and me.” Or are they?

The big house on a hill, few dealings with everyday people, even less contact with the real world. Insulation from the day-to-day hassles of survival. Sound familiar? Think of the mystified George HW Bush, confused along… Read More

Almost heaven.

No, it’s not where you think it might be… Went to a talk in Cork the other night, on a topic I used to teach. More wonderful than the subject matter was the audience. The room… Read More

America’s Big D – for education

No, big D isn’t that place in Texas. It’s that Dogma state of mind. When someone firmly believes their direction comes from a higher source, no amount of logic or reasoning can ever sway their direction…. Read More

Consequences – Intended or Otherwise

I haven’t been in Ireland long enough to make a total fool of myself talking about local issues. The other day I started a piece about unintended consequences and let it evolve into a view of… Read More

Choose your facts. Carefully

HEADLINE: Kerry County Council (in Ireland) passes resolution allowing rural drinkers to drive home drunk. REALITY: Politics 101 is hard at work. Alcoholism and rural depression may not be Ireland’s only problems, but they’re the ones… Read More

Send money, guns and…exit visas

Years ago, before Costa Rica’s advertising and publicity machine kicked into high gear, I was staying in a hostel that happened to be a few doors down from the Nicaraguan embassy, which was a good distance… Read More

M-16’s, minefields and bar fights, oh my!

We’re all tourists and travelers of one sort or another – through life. On this planet. We share our journeys with many people. My life has taken me to wonderful places where I’ve spent wonderful times… Read More