I remember clouds

Not demanding, but infusing their request to see them through my own lens – to give them form, shape and message they’re unconscious of. Who are they, what do they look like? What are they becoming?… Read More

Stopping to smell the cactus

A while back I was between projects in California. After months of conference rooms, conference calls and continuing client alterations to previously approved work, I needed some quiet time for me. Besides, I didn’t have any… Read More

Dead Bug Touring in Roadside America

You know you’re driving through god’s country when you’ve got a mess of dead bugs on your windshield. You know you’ve gone through man’s land when there’s not a single bug on your car because of… Read More

What I didn’t see on last summer’s vacation…

I’m not really into dinosaurs – but I could go back to Dinosaur National Monument in a heartbeat. Sure, it has some of the best scenery I saw in my summer-long camping trip in the Rockies…. Read More

Full Moon Magic in the Rockies. Almost

There’s something magical about a full moon on a clear mountain night. Hell, on any clear night. When you add music, ritual and belief, we begin straying into other worlds of consciousness. I remember a summer… Read More

How do you draw the sound of snow?

It stops falling with little taps before it melts on parts of my coat. Just sits and collects on other parts. Simply touches and sits on branches around me. Becomes one with unfrozen stream water. Bundled… Read More