Is it just me – or did your 2017 evaporate before it began?

Politicians usually bury an important story amidst assorted chaff in late-in-the-week press conferences. Well it’s now late-in-the-year for most of us, but I don’t have anything of particular importance to bury. So there aren’t any long… Read More

When circuit boards replace synapses…

Please lend me your ears. That is, if you’re not using them – or what’s between them. Many people don’t listen. To themselves. Or to anyone else, either. No, I’m not talking about ego, insecurity and… Read More

Remembering Dublin City in the Old Times

In a galaxy long ago but not so far away, before the euro replaced the punt, the EU begat the Celtic Tiger and the Tiger morphed into a financial litter box, I was dead broke in… Read More

Pub Crawling & Other Pastimes

Got an invitation a while back for a 12 Pubs of Christmas Crawl. While I appreciated the thought, my mind instantly started calculating the locations of a dozen locally-owned coffee shops that I’d prefer, along with… Read More

He had 2-1/2 hours to save my soul

At first, he seemed like a normal passenger, politely asking if he could sit across from me on the train. After a minute or two of the usual seatmate small talk, I went back to sightseeing… Read More

Family Values

Had dinner the other night in a local Italian restaurant that’s actually run by Italians. The food was good, not great, but the show was wonderful. A family walked in – parents, a 16-17 year old… Read More

What a kid’s view of Captain Kirk taught me about life.

At first I thought I’d regret spending a rainy Sunday matinee at the new Star Trek. As the house lights dimmed and stragglers tried not to spill their popcorn and barrel-sized beverages on the rest of… Read More

“Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living!”

Every summer Cork honours native daughter and American labor leader Mary Harris, known to most of the world as the hell-raising Mother Jones. I get to the workshops, lectures and films whenever I can. For me,… Read More

I’ve been podcast!

It’s always nice to get some recognition. Last week, for the second time in six months, the Scriggler online community picked one of my blogposts as “publication of the day.” That was followed by an offer… Read More

All My World’s a Stage

The other day was the first warm, sunny Saturday in forever. Smiles were out. Sidewalks and parks were full. I’d already planned on going to a two-woman show, Will’s Women. Even though it was indoors, I… Read More