I came upon a child of god

During my last trip to the US I was searching for a non-rightwing talk, non-gospel radio station while driving through the mountains. The terrain made signal reception of any sort problematic, to say the least, since… Read More

Are we better than our garbage and rubbish men?

Or are we just performing a different but equally valuable role in our society? (At least we should hope that our role contributes as much as the sanitation workers’.) Disagree with me? Then you’ve never lived… Read More

Do people in love drive you batty?

No, I’m not talking about adults acting like teenagers. Hell, there are times when I’d love to be that way. I’m talking about people so infatuated with their career, hobby or themselves that they talk of… Read More

Have we become a society of amateurs?

People buy their own shoes without any real idea of sizing. They “don’t need” a trained salesperson. Then complain when their feet hurt. More and more people search for the cheapest price. Then complain when they… Read More

Tis the season for real people, not corporate people

I’ve heard it with an American accent in Cape Town. With a British accent in Cork: Walking down a street and behind me, a woman says – somewhat excitedly – to her companion, “Look, there’s a… Read More

It’s that wonderful time of the year, except…

I can’t forget, no matter how hard I try, my department store days. Tis the season to talk about holidays and holiday customers. Tales of retail personalities and politics can wait for another day. Sure the… Read More

We didn’t buy the farm, we just lived on it with great neighbors

To get there at the end of a work day, I had to go over the river, up a long hill and then down a long rutted dirt road that wasn’t particularly friendly to my car,… Read More

Dandelion wine, boa constrictors and other friends

There was a time many many years ago when I was living in upstate New York. I was going through a divorce, working a job from hell and generally having a miserable time in my life…. Read More

Like to eat, America? Thank an immigrant.

Welcome to America, the nation of immigrants. In the US, it’s immigrants [including a lot of “undocumented”] who pick the food. In many cases, for less than minimum wage. In the US, it’s immigrants who prep… Read More

Twenty years in one place–Part 2

The other day I talked about Marvin, my back yard neighbor. Today’s neighbor is Harry. I first met him when I bought a single-family rental around the corner, across the street from Harry. We became nodding… Read More