Stopping to smell the cactus

A while back I was between projects in California. After months of conference rooms, conference calls and continuing client alterations to previously approved work, I needed some quiet time for me. Besides, I didn’t have any… Read More

Dead Bug Touring in Roadside America

You know you’re driving through god’s country when you’ve got a mess of dead bugs on your windshield. You know you’ve gone through man’s land when there’s not a single bug on your car because of… Read More

What kind of life refuses to live? Is virtual life life?

Way back in the pre-automobile agricultural era, it was rare for people to travel very far from home. While I can’t speak to their interests, I can understand the limiting effects of available transport and employment… Read More

What I didn’t see on last summer’s vacation…

I’m not really into dinosaurs – but I could go back to Dinosaur National Monument in a heartbeat. Sure, it has some of the best scenery I saw in my summer-long camping trip in the Rockies…. Read More

Consequences – Intended or Otherwise

I haven’t been in Ireland long enough to make a total fool of myself talking about local issues. The other day I started a piece about unintended consequences and let it evolve into a view of… Read More

How self-contained can you be?

A few days ago an airline trade group announced new – smaller – sizes for carry-on luggage. Again. Remember: like all corporations, airlines are not about service. They’re about making money. Excuse me, more money. And… Read More

When was the last time you had the head cold from Hell?

I caught mine on a bus ride in New Zealand. The couple behind me hacked, coughed and spewed spray and germs over me for five continuous hours. Well not quite continuously. At our two rest stops… Read More

Rambling On

This week’s “free” ticket only cost me $128 – on American Airlines from Dublin to Hamburg. My free Delta ticket from Denver to Dublin cost me just $5. Plane-spotting at Heathrow – while taxiing from the… Read More

In Our God We Trust, All Others…

What is it about traveling church groups that makes them stand out? Over the years I’ve lost track of the amount of time I’ve spent in airport terminals. I’ve seen countless travelers – alone, in families,… Read More

Full Moon Magic in the Rockies. Almost

There’s something magical about a full moon on a clear mountain night. Hell, on any clear night. When you add music, ritual and belief, we begin straying into other worlds of consciousness. I remember a summer… Read More