I’m feeling like those monks who transcribed books until Gutenberg came along. Newspapers are on their deathbed. Dead magazines litter our libraries. Public dialogue is soundbite-driven – or drivel.

After reading story after story about the dominance of mobile media, I finally took a look at my blog readership stats. [Don’t worry, I don’t know who you are, only Saint Zuckerberg knows that.] 95% of you see my stuff on your mobile devices, most of which are I-phones. Damn, not only do I prefer the large screen of my desktop [though I’ll compromise down to my laptop], but I use an Android, as well.

  • Is there hope for long-form writing? (That’s anything longer than 200 bullet-pointed words.)
  • Does subtlety have a future?
  • Can irony exist in an ignorant society?
  • Is there a place for photos that really pop when you see them on a large screen?
  • Do people read books or go to galleries anymore?

I’m not a Luddite.