NO MORE WHEELS – I sold them, signed over the title, stood in line at the DMV to turn in my tags, then called my insurance agent to cancel my auto policy. If I don’t have four wheels to call my own, am I still American? Or will the Trumpsters try to deport me? [Too late people, this old white guy is outa here in a few days.]

NO MORE PHONE – Sorry robocallers, telemarketers, scammers and spammers, there’s no number you can harass me on. My last day of US phone service is a holiday: March 17.

LOTS LESS STUFF – Everything I think I might want or need some day fits in a 5×5 storage locker, with room to spare. I probably could have gotten things down to a 3×5, but I was getting tired and really didn’t have the heart to say goodbye to any more books. Anyway, I’m saving over $100/month in storage fees. And if I use metric measurements the locker sounds even smaller [1.5×1.5].

So what’s left?

A small duffle that fits in the overhead – or under the seat if I travel without cold-weather stuff. And a daypack for my laptop & tech things. If I can’t carry something, I don’t really need it.

And the most important thing?

My future.