NO MORE WHEELS – I sold them, signed over the title, stood in line at the DMV to turn in my tags, then called my insurance agent to cancel my auto policy. If I don’t have four wheels to call my own, am I still American? Or will the Trumpsters try to deport me? [Too late people, this old white guy is outa here in a few days.]

NO MORE PHONE – Sorry robocallers, telemarketers, scammers and spammers, there’s no number you can harass me on. My last day of US phone service is a holiday: March 17.

LOTS LESS STUFF – Everything I think I might want or need some day fits in a 5×5 storage locker, with room to spare. I probably could have gotten things down to a 3×5, but I was getting tired and really didn’t have the heart to say goodbye to any more books. Anyway, I’m saving over $100/month in storage fees. And if I use metric measurements the locker sounds even smaller [1.5×1.5].

So what’s left?

A small duffle that fits in the overhead – or under the seat if I travel without cold-weather stuff. And a daypack for my laptop & tech things. If I can’t carry something, I don’t really need it.

And the most important thing?

My future.


10 Comments on “Freedom!

  1. Impressive, Jim! I’ve always envied city people their public transport. Ireland isn’t so easy without a car, though; you’re somewhere in County Cork?

    • Cork city centre. When I need to get somewhere a bike, train or bus can’t take me, I can rent a gas-powered car the traditional way – or an electric one by the hour or the day. Let me know the next time you’re over and I’ll show you.

  2. I’m so impressed! How liberating. Just think how much you’ll not spend on car insurance and all the other stuff. I need to de-clutter.

  3. Do you feel lighter? Find a rock to hide your locker key under!!

  4. Happy for you and jealous too!
    Enjoy your newly created freedom.

    Hope post-Casa is going well.

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