It’s GDPR time and here’s what you need to know.

Here’s your personal information we have on file:  your email address.

Why we hold it: Because you requested to be on the mailing list for Jim Maney’s occasional blog. You may recall that after you asked to be on the list we sent you an email asking you to confirm that you really wanted to subscribe. Once we received your reply we placed you on the list. [You may have also noticed that the blog posts are becoming more and more occasional, since I’m devoting more time to the Tao-not-Dow project.]

What you need to do to remain on the mailing list: Nothing.

What you need to do to leave the mailing list: Reply to this post saying that you want to leave/unsubscribe and I’ll “unsubscribe” you.

I’m pretty sure that’s all we need to do right now. Hope you’ve got a great weekend planned and it turns out even better.