Know how to move mountains? Then you know why you put them there.

If you’re the smartest person in the room – find another room.

Looking for tomorrow with yesterday’s lenses?

Too old for things? Or young enough to ignore your age?

Glad I’m young enough

Ever wake up in the morning and realize that life's interfering with your dream?

Ever wake up and realize life’s interfering with your dream?

If you're not here and now, where are you?

Highways are built by people who care more about there than here

Ee - or Eb - represents the paths we all travel.

The paths we travel

Pioneers discover, enjoy, then get priced out of good places by followers.

Backpackers are to nature what artists are to inner cities.

The road to hell is paved.

The road to hell is paved.

We all walk a path. Sometimes paved. Sometimes not. Be sure you're on your own, not another's.

We all walk a path. Be sure it’s your own, not another’s.