I wanted to spend money, but there was nothing worth buying

It took me nearly two hours to go to another city. Add another two-plus hours exploring displays and listening to lectures. Then came the moment, one I’d anticipated with some joy. I wanted to buy another… Read More

Book me father, I don’t think I’ve sinned

My past life’s come back to haunt me – and I’m enjoying it. After years of living in places I filled with shelves and shelves and floors full of books, I dematerialized. I sold my house… Read More

Slowly ripping off the dressing – and hair, skin and scab, too.

That’s what it felt like. I’d put it off. Procrastinated. Made excuses. Denied it would hurt. But it did. And it still does. Saying goodbye aint easy. I’ve known for years I’d eventually do it. In… Read More

Too many books. Too little time.

My lease is up. My flight’s booked. The bookshelves are cleared. Big bags of books sit by the door, ready for a charity shop. So what do I do? Walk into a nearby bookshop. Most sections… Read More