Janus was the Romans’ two-faced god – but wasn’t a politician’s patron.

He was the god of new beginnings and perspective on the old, not selfishness and age-old greed. And my perspective on the past? It’s that we’re condemned to continue it, at least for the immediate future…. Read More


Thank you – several million times – to all of you who’ve been following this blog for the past few years. If you also see it on social media, you’ve probably already seen some of its… Read More

Need drama? Drop the context.

Have I told you about the time I had breakfast with Bill and Hillary? And here’s another story I may not have mentioned: A few years back, Bolivia refused to let me enter the country. And,… Read More

My Circle Game, redux

I just completed my census form. It gave me nice feelings of inclusion and completion. I like where I am, at the end of another cycle of life’s merry-go-round, beginning another lap. I’m home. My address… Read More


NO MORE WHEELS – I sold them, signed over the title, stood in line at the DMV to turn in my tags, then called my insurance agent to cancel my auto policy. If I don’t have… Read More

Paving Paradise – When the gringo trail becomes a tourist turnpike

“I remember when (insert place name here) wasn’t so crowded with sun-screened tourists following flag-waving guides while wearing their brand new white sneakers and color-coordinated new clothes.” It’s also before the local economy and standard of… Read More

Where nobody knows your name – or wants to.

There’s a bar in a town along the gringo trail where, if you’ve spent a few nights there over the years, the owner/bartender/every-other-job-doer knew your drink, your favorite snacks and where you’ve been. But he never… Read More