You can’t eat the scenery

Youghal, County Cork – I spent a week here the other day. For me, it’s one of those places where you go to be, rather than to do. I’m not sure how good this is for… Read More

When will we ever learn?

Remember South Pacific? I’ve worked the show, seen the film, know most of the music, but had never read the book. Well now I have. If you’re creating a mass-entertainment musical for post-war America I guess… Read More

“Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living!”

Every summer Cork honours native daughter and American labor leader Mary Harris, known to most of the world as the hell-raising Mother Jones. I get to the workshops, lectures and films whenever I can. For me,… Read More

Too big? You’ve failed.

I’ve lost track of the people who’ve asked me, “How big is Cork?” While I realize they’re just being polite, and maybe even interested, about my life, I really don’t know – or care – how… Read More

A home may not be a house.

I’ve done it. I’m settled in [sort of]. Cork is now officially, legally and in most other ways, my home. I’ve signed a lease, have an address – and have even started getting robocalls on my… Read More

All My World’s a Stage

The other day was the first warm, sunny Saturday in forever. Smiles were out. Sidewalks and parks were full. I’d already planned on going to a two-woman show, Will’s Women. Even though it was indoors, I… Read More

If you love the smell of latex in the morning…

And fresh grout, too. You’ll recognize what I inhaled when I first climbed the 39 steps to my new place in Cork. [Insert your own joke here. There really are 39 steps. I’ve counted every one… Read More

Coming home

We all have childhood memories, some good, some bad, some we never knew we had until something triggers them years later. At five, I was the kindergartener walking from school with my grandfather, to the local… Read More