Almost heaven.

No, it’s not where you think it might be… Went to a talk in Cork the other night, on a topic I used to teach. More wonderful than the subject matter was the audience. The room… Read More

America’s Big D – for education

No, big D isn’t that place in Texas. It’s that Dogma state of mind. When someone firmly believes their direction comes from a higher source, no amount of logic or reasoning can ever sway their direction…. Read More

Is American Youth Wasted? – 4

What’s the matter with kids today? Or should the question be, “What’s the matter with their elders?” [With apologies to Bye Bye Birdie] Compared to their parents and elders, kids are early adaptors. That’s life. The… Read More

Is American Youth Wasted? – 3

Many years ago, former general and outgoing president Eisenhower warned us of the dangers inherent in America’s Military-Industrial complex. Is it past time to watch out for the University-Government-Banking complex? I’ve taught at the university level…. Read More

Is American Youth Wasted? – 1

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala – I’m surrounded by lots of age 20-30 something Canadians & Aussies, with a handful of Europeans. They’re friendly, knowledgeable, confident and curious. There’s nary an American to be found. The ones you… Read More