Is it just me – or did your 2017 evaporate before it began?

Politicians usually bury an important story amidst assorted chaff in late-in-the-week press conferences. Well it’s now late-in-the-year for most of us, but I don’t have anything of particular importance to bury. So there aren’t any long… Read More

Honor the past, but leave it there. It’s time to live in the present.

Have you heard the story about the stockbroker and his slow speedboat? It seems he’d spent several people’s fortunes on a boat that would make drug runners drool. But no matter what he did or how… Read More

If you believe the headlines…

There’s a healthcare crisis in Ireland. The good news is that the bad news – about hospitals, housing, the economy and more – is all over the media. The bad news is that it appears that… Read More