Forget family trees. I was rooting in family fields.

I’ve never really been into genealogy and have a confirmation bias that means I tend to agree with articles that point out all the flaws in today’s DNA testing fads. [And I really don’t care about… Read More

Hello, I must be going.

Thank you, North Carolina. You’ve been good to me. I’m pretty sure I’ve returned the favor, but I’m glad to be gone. We’ve each changed over the past 40-odd years. You’ve given me lifelong friends and… Read More

Less stuff = more life

Many many years ago [Yeah, a whole bunch of ’em] I wondered if I could rent my house and live on the rental income. At the time, that income would have grossed about $7000/year, before taxes,… Read More

Learning the language

No, it’s not learning to speak Irish, a language many locals don’t speak either. But it would be nice if I learned its pronunciation rules, so I could speak some of the written words whose meanings… Read More

I’ve been podcast!

It’s always nice to get some recognition. Last week, for the second time in six months, the Scriggler online community picked one of my blogposts as “publication of the day.” That was followed by an offer… Read More

A home may not be a house.

I’ve done it. I’m settled in [sort of]. Cork is now officially, legally and in most other ways, my home. I’ve signed a lease, have an address – and have even started getting robocalls on my… Read More

My Circle Game, redux

I just completed my census form. It gave me nice feelings of inclusion and completion. I like where I am, at the end of another cycle of life’s merry-go-round, beginning another lap. I’m home. My address… Read More

If you love the smell of latex in the morning…

And fresh grout, too. You’ll recognize what I inhaled when I first climbed the 39 steps to my new place in Cork. [Insert your own joke here. There really are 39 steps. I’ve counted every one… Read More

Coming home

We all have childhood memories, some good, some bad, some we never knew we had until something triggers them years later. At five, I was the kindergartener walking from school with my grandfather, to the local… Read More

What’s the point of traveling?

We’re all tribal. We like to hang out with people like ourselves. [Duh…] When we travel outside our tribal territories – be they family, social, job or something else – do we gawk, point and tell… Read More