If you believe the headlines…

There’s a healthcare crisis in Ireland. The good news is that the bad news – about hospitals, housing, the economy and more – is all over the media. The bad news is that it appears that… Read More

Living on Ireland Time

You got it right – that’s Ireland Time, not Island Time, even though we’ve got palm trees, beautiful beaches and rumours of occasional sun. I used to work on Advertising Standard Time: Everything has a deadline… Read More

My Circle Game, redux

I just completed my census form. It gave me nice feelings of inclusion and completion. I like where I am, at the end of another cycle of life’s merry-go-round, beginning another lap. I’m home. My address… Read More

Walking with Rod Serling

No, not in upstate NY. Been there. Done that. It’s Derry, Northern Ireland, where I stayed in Bogside. I hadn’t planned to make this a trip into the past. Or into myself, either. It was just… Read More

Choose your facts. Carefully

HEADLINE: Kerry County Council (in Ireland) passes resolution allowing rural drinkers to drive home drunk. REALITY: Politics 101 is hard at work. Alcoholism and rural depression may not be Ireland’s only problems, but they’re the ones… Read More