What’s the point?

I think it’s exploration. Explore whoever and wherever you are –your body, your mind, your soul, your spirit, your place. Learn how you tick. Learn what makes you tick. Know it better than anyone or anything… Read More

“Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living!”

Every summer Cork honours native daughter and American labor leader Mary Harris, known to most of the world as the hell-raising Mother Jones. I get to the workshops, lectures and films whenever I can. For me,… Read More

Learning the language

No, it’s not learning to speak Irish, a language many locals don’t speak either. But it would be nice if I learned its pronunciation rules, so I could speak some of the written words whose meanings… Read More

Almost heaven.

No, it’s not where you think it might be… Went to a talk in Cork the other night, on a topic I used to teach. More wonderful than the subject matter was the audience. The room… Read More