When circuit boards replace synapses…

Please lend me your ears. That is, if you’re not using them – or what’s between them. Many people don’t listen. To themselves. Or to anyone else, either. No, I’m not talking about ego, insecurity and… Read More

Hearing less but listening more.

A friend observed something interesting about me the other night. It’s not too surprising, since we’re usually blind, deaf and dumb to so much of ourselves. After a wonderful concert I was talking about some interesting… Read More

Do people in love drive you batty?

No, I’m not talking about adults acting like teenagers. Hell, there are times when I’d love to be that way. I’m talking about people so infatuated with their career, hobby or themselves that they talk of… Read More

Healthcare Between the Lines

Are we so busy recording what others say that we’ve lost the ability to listen, hear and respond? Conversation is music. And half of all music is written between the lines. What’s not said – and… Read More