Hearing less but listening more.

A friend observed something interesting about me the other night. It’s not too surprising, since we’re usually blind, deaf and dumb to so much of ourselves. After a wonderful concert I was talking about some interesting… Read More

Passion is more than a good-tasting fruit

Sitting in a pub one night. I could feel the musicians’ joy. The nods, smiles and twinkles in their eyes as they seamlessly rolled from one melody or song to another. A few people came in,… Read More

Healthcare Between the Lines

Are we so busy recording what others say that we’ve lost the ability to listen, hear and respond? Conversation is music. And half of all music is written between the lines. What’s not said – and… Read More

Full Moon Magic in the Rockies. Almost

There’s something magical about a full moon on a clear mountain night. Hell, on any clear night. When you add music, ritual and belief, we begin straying into other worlds of consciousness. I remember a summer… Read More

How do you draw the sound of snow?

It stops falling with little taps before it melts on parts of my coat. Just sits and collects on other parts. Simply touches and sits on branches around me. Becomes one with unfrozen stream water. Bundled… Read More