Janus was the Romans’ two-faced god – but wasn’t a politician’s patron.

He was the god of new beginnings and perspective on the old, not selfishness and age-old greed. And my perspective on the past? It’s that we’re condemned to continue it, at least for the immediate future…. Read More

Hello, I must be going.

Thank you, North Carolina. You’ve been good to me. I’m pretty sure I’ve returned the favor, but I’m glad to be gone. We’ve each changed over the past 40-odd years. You’ve given me lifelong friends and… Read More

Trump & friends – where life imitates art

Trump, LePen, Brexit and the rest all share common fertilizer: it’s the disenchanted, disaffected and economically disenfranchised telling the system to f*^k off. Globalisation and its economic cousins have stolen self-respect and economic security from everyday… Read More

How do you fight fires set by firemen?

I was at a symphony performance a few nights ago and about halfway into one of the pieces I noticed string section members looking to each other with questioning glances. Then I saw the conductor look… Read More

Angry Voters – grown older, not up.

Remember the kids in the back of your teenage classroom? Not bad, just not engaged. Before Zen and yoga became trendy they were pioneers in living in the here and now. History? Homework? How will they… Read More

Peter Pan’s evil twin won’t grow up, either

Woke up the other morning and glanced at my phone. Saw that the usual emails included four comments on some of my old blogposts. Felt good, but not surprising, since it’s what usually happens when I… Read More

Need drama? Drop the context.

Have I told you about the time I had breakfast with Bill and Hillary? And here’s another story I may not have mentioned: A few years back, Bolivia refused to let me enter the country. And,… Read More

Is Bigger Better?

Bigger is better. We’ve heard it over and over, ad nauseum. It’s a child’s perspective. We learned it as kids, when everyone who knew more than us, everyone who had more power than us, everyone who… Read More

Like Trump or not, he’s an American tradition

First, an unrelated story: I wrote this piece a few weeks ago. I thought it was strange that I was getting responses from other places where I post, but none directly from the blogsite or from… Read More

Choose your facts. Carefully

HEADLINE: Kerry County Council (in Ireland) passes resolution allowing rural drinkers to drive home drunk. REALITY: Politics 101 is hard at work. Alcoholism and rural depression may not be Ireland’s only problems, but they’re the ones… Read More