You can’t eat the scenery

Youghal, County Cork – I spent a week here the other day. For me, it’s one of those places where you go to be, rather than to do. I’m not sure how good this is for… Read More

Is uncaring incompetence the new norm?

Or has life always been this way? Those of you who know me from my home remodeling days may remember my understanding, if somewhat frustrated view of many of the tradesmen I dealt with – the… Read More

Is technology’s edge dulling us?

Technology’s a two-edged sword. Remember back when you’d see someone fall or suffer a painful accident? You’d feel for them, maybe even help them. That was real life. Now life’s virtual – online and divorced from… Read More

Technology and its Discontents

There’s a new book out called Funny Business, where Karl Toomey recounts his experiences telling jokes to the people and bots of corporate “help” sites. The concept’s been around for a while, where people recount their… Read More

Has modern times’ clutter killed our attention span?

When we’ve trained ourselves to simply scan the ever-present screens surrounding us, is it possible to see and absorb anything of value? Does our electronic society have terminal ADHD? Think you ignore pop-ups? Click through an… Read More

If you love the smell of latex in the morning…

And fresh grout, too. You’ll recognize what I inhaled when I first climbed the 39 steps to my new place in Cork. [Insert your own joke here. There really are 39 steps. I’ve counted every one… Read More