It’s summer. Who are all these people in ski parkas?

OK, even though we’ve got palm trees, Ireland hasn’t been near the equator in 300 million years or so. Thanks to continental drift we’re far enough north these days for a lot of 17-hour summer days… Read More

What’s the point of traveling?

We’re all tribal. We like to hang out with people like ourselves. [Duh…] When we travel outside our tribal territories – be they family, social, job or something else – do we gawk, point and tell… Read More

I remember Barney

Barney is an Australian farmer from somewhere w-a-a-y north of Melbourne. He’s a nice, very decent guy. When he’s on his meds. Without his meds, he was my tentmate in Africa for a three weeks. As… Read More

Frustration all around

A seriously jet-lagged Japanese couple was sitting a few tables away from me the other night. Their English skills were close to nil. Their server had a rural Cork accent (think Irish brogue buried under Mississippi… Read More

Consequences – Intended or Otherwise

I haven’t been in Ireland long enough to make a total fool of myself talking about local issues. The other day I started a piece about unintended consequences and let it evolve into a view of… Read More

In Our God We Trust, All Others…

What is it about traveling church groups that makes them stand out? Over the years I’ve lost track of the amount of time I’ve spent in airport terminals. I’ve seen countless travelers – alone, in families,… Read More

Send money, guns and…exit visas

Years ago, before Costa Rica’s advertising and publicity machine kicked into high gear, I was staying in a hostel that happened to be a few doors down from the Nicaraguan embassy, which was a good distance… Read More

M-16’s, minefields and bar fights, oh my!

We’re all tourists and travelers of one sort or another – through life. On this planet. We share our journeys with many people. My life has taken me to wonderful places where I’ve spent wonderful times… Read More