Is it just me – or did your 2017 evaporate before it began?

Politicians usually bury an important story amidst assorted chaff in late-in-the-week press conferences. Well it’s now late-in-the-year for most of us, but I don’t have anything of particular importance to bury. So there aren’t any long… Read More

Lots of time to spare? Fly Norwegian Air!

I was lucky, others weren’t. When Norwegian Air cancelled three trans-Atlantic flights on the same Friday, following a series of similar cancellations all in the same week, they put us all on a Belfast flight, promising… Read More

It’s summer. Who are all these people in ski parkas?

OK, even though we’ve got palm trees, Ireland hasn’t been near the equator in 300 million years or so. Thanks to continental drift we’re far enough north these days for a lot of 17-hour summer days… Read More

My year of living carless

Imagine if you will… It’s winter in Colorado. The wind’s howling and the snow’s blowing. You’re in a car with me, just a few cars behind a convoy of snow plows. They were three abreast, followed… Read More

He had 2-1/2 hours to save my soul

At first, he seemed like a normal passenger, politely asking if he could sit across from me on the train. After a minute or two of the usual seatmate small talk, I went back to sightseeing… Read More

Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lug.

There’s a particular species inhabiting European bus and train stations. I first noticed it way back when I first hit the travelers trail many many years ago: Small young women, usually around five feet tall, bent… Read More

Are we better than our garbage and rubbish men?

Or are we just performing a different but equally valuable role in our society? (At least we should hope that our role contributes as much as the sanitation workers’.) Disagree with me? Then you’ve never lived… Read More

What’s the point of traveling?

We’re all tribal. We like to hang out with people like ourselves. [Duh…] When we travel outside our tribal territories – be they family, social, job or something else – do we gawk, point and tell… Read More

Too tired to care? Here’s one reason why.

As many of you know, I’ve spent the better part of the past few years away from the US. The experience has given me perspective – and a desire to keep staying away. One example: media… Read More

Walking with Rod Serling

No, not in upstate NY. Been there. Done that. It’s Derry, Northern Ireland, where I stayed in Bogside. I hadn’t planned to make this a trip into the past. Or into myself, either. It was just… Read More