Hello Edinburgh, I must be going. I’ve stayed too long, but not long enough.

Places like this can be comforting. I’m guessing they can be claustrophobic, too. I love finding them now, but wonder what it would have been like to grow up in one.

Dateline Amsterdam: Life in interesting times.

Amsterdam. The weather here makes Ireland look and feel like a sunny tropical paradise. But I like it anyway. I limited myself to a single museum/tourist draw per day and wandered the neighborhoods for the rest… Read More

Like to eat, America? Thank an immigrant.

Welcome to America, the nation of immigrants. In the US, it’s immigrants [including a lot of “undocumented”] who pick the food. In many cases, for less than minimum wage. In the US, it’s immigrants who prep… Read More

The Road to Hell Is Paved. Period.

Don’t take the high road. Or the low road, either. They were built by others, for their own reasons. What if…we found own way. We don’t have to agree with everyone we meet along the way,… Read More

Do radio songs trigger your memories?

It’s been covered enough so you’ve probably heard it. The first time I heard it was after I’d had my encounter with a policeman for sleeping on a subway. (I was sleeping, not him.) Way back… Read More

I remember Barney

Barney is an Australian farmer from somewhere w-a-a-y north of Melbourne. He’s a nice, very decent guy. When he’s on his meds. Without his meds, he was my tentmate in Africa for a three weeks. As… Read More

Stopping to smell the cactus

A while back I was between projects in California. After months of conference rooms, conference calls and continuing client alterations to previously approved work, I needed some quiet time for me. Besides, I didn’t have any… Read More

Dead Bug Touring in Roadside America

You know you’re driving through god’s country when you’ve got a mess of dead bugs on your windshield. You know you’ve gone through man’s land when there’s not a single bug on your car because of… Read More

What kind of life refuses to live? Is virtual life life?

Way back in the pre-automobile agricultural era, it was rare for people to travel very far from home. While I can’t speak to their interests, I can understand the limiting effects of available transport and employment… Read More

What I didn’t see on last summer’s vacation…

I’m not really into dinosaurs – but I could go back to Dinosaur National Monument in a heartbeat. Sure, it has some of the best scenery I saw in my summer-long camping trip in the Rockies…. Read More