When – and how – does a tourist become a traveler?

A few years ago I was painting the exterior of my three-story house. Leaning sideways off my two-story ladder, trying to see how far I could stretch before needing to climb back down to move the… Read More

Sharing our public and private selves

Guatemala. There’s a couple who’ve been passing through town for the past few days. They seem like normal, active, sun-weathered people, indefinably aged somewhere between their early 50’s and healthy 70’s. We’ve seen each other in… Read More

My Book of Mormons – surviving a visit to OZ

After years of just changing planes in Salt Lake City’s airport, I finally ventured into town. It felt good, driving into town after nearly a month of wandering in the desert with just my tent. Beautiful… Read More

Is American Youth Wasted? – 2

Today’s thanks go to Barbette Hunter, who found and posted this note on Facebook a few months ago – Become friends with people who aren’t your age. Hang out with people whose first language isn’t the… Read More

Is American Youth Wasted? – 1

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala – I’m surrounded by lots of age 20-30 something Canadians & Aussies, with a handful of Europeans. They’re friendly, knowledgeable, confident and curious. There’s nary an American to be found. The ones you… Read More