My pitch: This week is your last chance to save on a new book that’s earned 5-star reviews on  Amazon. Regular prices resume on May 1.

What another writers says: Reading the book aroused a certain amount of envy in me. Read the rest of what Chuck Holmes says about me and Booklover’s Last Stand at

Still curious? Want to read some book excerpts for yourself? Here’s the table of contents. And you can use Amazon’s read sample feature. In the US, go to If you’re in Ireland, you’ll need to go to an EU country’s site, since Amazon lumps Ireland with Britain and Brexit is preventing shipments from the UK to Ireland.


Want to know more about Chuck’s books, blogs and pictures? Sample his website at . [Disclaimer: There are a few of his blogs that I’ve found myself returning to every few months. I hope you find some that resonate with you as much as they do me.]



Still not sure? Here are some excerpts that appear in my social media advertising –