To everyone who told me to write a book – I’ve done it.

But it’s not about independent bookstores, interesting people or any of the other topics I’ve talked about in this space over the years. It’s a self-help book that encourages us all to practice non-action. [At this point you’ll be forgiven for thinking that we teach what we need to learn. . .]

The non-action I’m referring to is a key part of the Tao Te Ching, an ancient guide to living in harmony with the world. If you go to my other website, , you’ll see that I’ve taken this 2500-year old Chinese classic apart and put it back together again for today’s western world.

Sitting in a store with like-minded books

My new book, It’s Your Day, Make It Your Tao, is written for people who aren’t interested in reading long books on how to improve their lives. It’s full of one, two and three-page chapters that give you things to think about, rather than actually do. Along the way you’ll find out how Peking became Beijing, the joys of political anonymity, and how procrastination can be good for you.

One of the book’s themes is “My Tao may not be your Tao,” where I encourage readers to disagree with me and do even less, which might improve their lives even more. You’ll discover that non-action may not mean what you think it means.

My book at retail, comfortably surrounded by books already in my home library. Since I couldn’t find any more books to buy, it was time to write the one I wanted to read.

If you want to go to my source and find out how the traditional Tao Te Ching suggests you live your life as a sage, or as a virtuous person, or as a practitioner of non-action, you’ll need to hop, skip and jump through 81 verses of translated poetry and understand satirical references to 2500-year old Chinese culture.

Or you can buy – and hopefully read – my book. While it’s based on the Tao, it’s organized by theme, not verse number – and written in plain English for a today’s world. So if you’re just interested in the Tao Te Ching, it’s a great place to begin before starting on the text itself. And if you really want to know how to use the Tao in your own life, you’ll find suggestions you can apply to your day-to-day living.  

It’s Your Day, Make It Your Tao will launch at Dervish Books in Cork on Saturday, September 26. We’ll be holding a socially distant meet-and-greet next to a freshly printed pile of books.

So how do you get a copy?

If you’re anywhere near Cork, you can come to Dervish on the 26th  or any time thereafter. If you’re near Dublin, books will be in stock at Dervish’s Aungier Street store beginning the following week.


It took a bit of time, but now your local bookstore can order a copy for you – and hopefully stock copies for others to buy. New Leaf Distributing, which supplies metaphysical and New Age shops as well as quite a few general interest stores, will be stocking the book. Your bookseller can reach them at The book’s ISBN is 978-1-7365679-0-6.


If you’re not near a store that’s stocking it, here’s what you’d see if you wanted to read the back cover.

4 Comments on “To everyone who told me to write a book – I’ve done it.

    • Thank you, Peggy. I’m hoping that the book lives up to the promotion around it. Having said that, if it gives one person one good idea, I’ll have done my job.

  1. This sounds amazing. I can’t wait to get my hands on a it when it gets to the US. Congratulations, Jim. I’m so glad you’ve done this. Ox

    • Thank you, Randee. And you know that I’m as eager for people to get their hands on it as you are. Once we’ve got the distribution in place I’ll resurrect the old advertising & sales promotion skills and start driving people crazy – or at least to their local bookstores. Hope that all’s well – and healthy for you and everyone.

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